TSP Syndicate BTC/ETH Invoice Pay

The current TSP Syndicate Invoice due for the week ending XXX is $.00

Simply use the generated wallet addresses below to make your payment using your preferred currency.

Once your payment is complete, please email [email protected] or message on Telegram (https://t.me/TheSharpPlays) with a screenshot of your payment, and I will confirm in an email reply. Thanks for your support!

The wallet addresses below are not links, simply copy the address shown below for the currency you would like to use and then paste it into your crypto wallet to make payment.

Bitcoin: bc1qdq8u3gvchaqvqye3vmk0z8t3wy9evsz2kslakc

Ethereum: 0x1b1d540E3FB536ebc05b8611b1629DF08A04b01E